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This is the requisite tutorial chapter; it will get the new user up to speed and productive with WebPython. Naturally, a tutorial should involve the guided building of an actual application (otherwise you'd just read the reference) so I have written this chapter around the design and implementation of a blogging application. I know, there are perhaps millions of blogging systems in existence already (and the world hardly needs another) but it is the archetypical web application. And the most well-known, at that.

However, this tutorial assumes that the reader is familiar and proficient with Python. If you are not, please work through the excellent tutorial located at and come back once you are. The assumption is also made that the reader is proficient with the Linux/Unix command line and is using one of these operating systems (including MacOS X).

Now would be a good time to grab a copy of the complete tutorial application, if you haven't done so already. While it is not strictly necessary to have the whole thing in front of oneself (you could piece it together from the tutorial) it will probably make the learning experience smoother if you don't have to type or cut-and-paste the source listing.

That said, onward!