Fast Cache (WebPython 0.6.4)

Today, we have a new version of WebPython, complete with caching implemented with memcached. To use this new feature, make sure memcached is running, and (assuming you're using PostgreSQL; for MySQL just change pgsql to mysql) add the following line near the top of your code files:


Change the IP address and the port to that of your machine and that on which memcached is listening, respectively, and you're in business.

I am also happy to announce that a new version of the Tutorial Blog (v1.2.0) is out which supports this new feature.

The WebPython Home Page: Possibly Asked Questions

What is WebPython?

WebPython is a web-application development toolkit written in the Python programming language. It contains an object relational database layer, portable over MySQL and PostgreSQL; a document templating engine complete with simple built-in automation; and a mechanism to store Python objects in an SQL database, among other stuff.

That's cool, but how do I use it for my web app?

There exists a manual; it is encouraged that would-be WebPython users read it. But please bear in mind that the tutorial chapter is not quite complete; I need to finish my write-up on the blog demo (which, incidentally, is downloadable from the SourceForge Page).

I have another question for you...

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